“300 Brave Men” is the first book in this series of historical fiction novels, which trace the life and achievements of Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosale ( 1630 – 1680 ). This book has been nearly eight years in the making and though is a fiction novel, has been extensively researched by the author. Chief sources for this book are scholarly accounts of Shivaji’s history by historians and researchers from the 20th and 21st centuries. Books by historians like G.B. Mehendale, B. M. Purandare and Sir Jadunath Sarkar have been the mainstay of the author’s reference material. In addition, the author has also sourced material from a contemporaneous Sanskrit poem ( Shivbharat ), from some 18th and 19th century chronicles and chronologies and some ballads. Some of the material comes from contemporaneous court histories, esp. those from the Mughal and Bijapuri courts, translated letters from the offices of the 17th century Dutch and English factors in India, and translated letters from the offices of Shahaji and Shivaji himself.

A complete list of the reference material appears at the end of the book in the section titled “Bibliography”.

The author has also had extensive discussions with experts and authors in the field and has benifited greatly from their suggestions and advice.