Gautam Pradhan is a doctor by profession, specialized in the field of Radiology. He lives in Thane, a rapidly growing metropolis near India’s financial capital Mumbai, with his wife Dipali, son Aditya and daughter Aryaa.

Gautam was educated in Thane and Mumbai. He completed his post-graduate degree in Radiology in 1996 and has been in private medical practice, in Thane, since the last 17 years. Reading history and visiting historical places and monuments is one amongst his many passions; the others being wildlife photography, music and movies.

Gautam always believed he had a very imaginitive mind, which for long had been caged in the restrictive confines of the medical profession. He aspired to be an author, and, in keeping with his interests, historical fiction is the genre that he has attempted to explore.

‘300 Brave Men’ is his first novel and he has worked on it for close to eight years now. This book isn’t merely his attempt to get his name in print. Rather, it has been a very emotional journey for him. To tell the story of the one person he reveres the most in this world, has been his dream for years.

This current project is a trilogy and Gautam plans to begin work on the second book soon.